Bing Shopping for Shopify: Creating Collections

By default, the Bing Shopping app will build a product feed based on all of your products. If you want all of these products to be advertised on Microsoft Ads then there is no need to change anything.

Select "Collections"

You may want to create Collections for a few reasons:

  • Wholesale Agreements: Marketing certain brands or specific products on Bing or other channels, could violate your vendor's wholesale agreements​​
  • Policy Violations: Specific products may violate the policies of Bing or other channels, which if submitted could suspend your entire account (e.g. weapons, controlled substances, etc.)
  • Poor Product Pages: Products with incomplete data (images, descriptions, etc), are not worth sending to Bing. Even if you get the click, once their prospective customer gets your product page, they will bounce and you'll have paid for a click that was never going to convert to a sale in the first place

Once your Collections are created, you can manage which are being pushed to be advertised on the homepage of the app: