Bing Shopping for Shopify: Optimizing Returns

On the Bing Shopping app homepage, there are options for different SEO Titles and Descriptions:

By default, your feed will include the product title and description that your customers see on your store’s product page.

By selecting "Search Engine" titles and/or descriptions for your Bing Shopping feed, the "Search Engine" alternative will be used instead when available.

There are pros and cons to utilizing the Search Engine optimized versus Product Pages.

Product Pages look great with clean and simple product titles; however, product pages do not a long tail of keywords that helps trigger queries more efficiently.

With Product Descriptions, the situation is different. Strong product descriptions help in both SEO and Shopping campaigns, but Shopify limits the “search engine friendly descriptions" to 160 characters. As such, you may be better off using your default and hopefully longer product descriptions to sent to Bing.

With that, below is our recommended configuration for most stores.

  • Product Descriptions: Leave unchecked if your default product descriptions are longer, which will assist in more Bing traffic at a lower cost per click
  • Product Titles: Check this box, if you’ve optimized your "Search Engine” titles to be more descriptive. which will assist in more Bing traffic at a lower cost per click