Bing Shopping for Shopify: Overview

This document covers a full overview of the Bing Shopping app so you can get up and running on Microsoft Ads. We will also cover some of the additional features in the app that allow you to get the best returns for you advertising dollar.


After installing the app you’ll be taken to the Settings Page.

Start Here, will take you to our walkthrough guide on our website, which also includes our Help Center & Knowledge base. This will take your though everything needed to setup the app with Microsoft Ads and get your first Shopping campaign up and running.

If you still have questions or would like some personalized assistance, you can message us with the Message Us link, or select the icon in the bottom right. It also provides the ability to search our help center right from inside the app.

Next, we provide the Merchant Center Feed URL front and center which you’ll be using during setup. We cover this in detail in our walkthrough articles.

Moving on to the the settings.

Collections allow you to choose a specific collection of products to send to Microsoft Ads, but by default we send all your products.

Variations enable you to send all product variants will be sent to Microsoft Ads, for example a T-shirt in every color size combination.

SEO Titles and Descriptions allow you to send these to Microsoft Ads, instead of your defaults, if you have spent time optimizing your product titles and descriptions via the SEO options built into Shopify

Google Shopping App integration options allow you to send additional information you may have already spent time entering for Shopify’s Google Shopping App. Select these options to send that data to Microsoft Ads.

One final note, on these options. If you are using the Google Shopping App from Shopify, and you plan on importing your Google Ads Shopping campaigns to Microsoft Ads, you’ll want to enable this option. This will make sure the product ids setup in Google Ads, match those that we send Microsoft Ads.


Next Up is the Subscription Page.

Your account will default to the least expensive paid plan after the 30 day trial. 

We’ve also calculated how many products you have in the collection you select in the in the settings section to advise on the plan that is the best fit.


Now on to the Dashboard.

Here we keep things simple, as both Shopify reporting and Microsoft Ads will be where you spend the bulk of your time reviewing performance and making adjustments to your campaigns.

Your Store Stats, show how many products your store has, vs, your Bing Shopping Stats which is how many products you are sending to Microsoft Ads. If you send all your products to Microsoft, these numbers will be the same. If you select a collection with fewer products the numbers will deviate.

The Chart will show the amount of products sent to Microsoft Ads over time. The numbers should ebb and flow the amount of products included in the collection selected in Settings.


Finally, let’s cover Products.

The products page lets you inspect and augment product data to optimize for Shopping campaigns one by one or in bulk.

To view a product, select View.

Product Details

At the top of the product details you can jump to viewing the product in your admin or public facing store. This makes for easy reference when making adjustments.

Scrolling down you can see all the product fields, where their default data is, and if there is an override to that product data.

We’ve included this feature as many of the Microsoft Ads fields that can be used for optimization, are not available in Shopify so this gives you the opportunity to enter them here.

To override an existing value, simply type it in, then select save.

Bulk Update

To update product data values in bulk

  1. Select Export to Excel. This will download your products in the feed to your computer. 
  2. Open the file in Microsoft Excel, update fields, save the file
  3. Choose the File to Upload.

Search and Filter

You also have the ability to search and filter products. Here is the product we bulk edited, with new value for color.