Bing Shopping for Shopify: Place your UET Tag on your Shopify Store

This document covers adding your Microsoft Universal Event Tracking Tag or UET Tag for short to your Shopify Store.

Stage 1

  1. Go to Microsoft Ads and login to your account.
  2. Select Campaigns
  3. Select Conversion Tracking from the left column navigation.
  4. Select UET Tags
  5. Select the UET Tag for the site you plan to place it on.
  6. Select Copy.
  7. Copy the code in the pop up window. 
  8. Now head over to your Shopify Store and login to the admin area.
  9. Select Online Store
  10. Select Themes
  11. Select Edit Code. but don't worry, this is going to be a simple copy and paste job.
  12. Under “Layout” on the left navigation, make sure you have selected your active theme.
  13. Now place the copied UET Tag code within the <head> tag.

It does not matter where in the <head> tag, but make sure it is not in the middle of another meta tag or script that is already there. Also double check to make sure there is not already the same or another UET Tag placed in theme file. Duplicating tags would artificially inflate conversions in the case of the former or slow down your site load speed in the case of the latter. 

Stage 2

  1. Save the template.

Stage 3

The last step is to head back to your Microsoft Ads account and confirm the verification of your UET Tag. Verification of your UET tag will not be instant. It usually takes about 2 business days for verification. You will know this step is complete when the tracking status changes from unverified to Tag Active.