Microsoft Ads: Merchant Center: Create A Catalog

This document covers creating a Microsoft Merchant Center catalog in Microsoft Ads and linking it to your Shopify App to upload your products to Microsoft Ads.

Now let’s get started.

  1. Go to Microsoft Ads and login to your account.
  2. Select Tools
  3. Select Microsoft Merchant Center
  4. Select the store you would like to create your catalog in.
  5. Select Catalog Management
  6. Select Create Catalog
  7. Enter the name of your catalog. 
  8. Enable publishing should stay selected.
  9. Location should be set primary selling location of your store.
  10. Automatically download file from URL should stay selected to 
  11. For the Source URL we’ll head over to your Shopify Store Admin.
  12. Select Apps
  13. Select the Bing Shopping Feed App.
  14. Select Settings, and copy the “Bing Ads Merchant Center Feed URL
  15. Switch back to Microsoft Ads, and paste the URL in the Source URL field.

Now, take a break. You've earned it!

  1. Username and Password should remain blank.
  2. Download Frequency should be set to Daily.
  3. Leave the Download Time on it’s default setting.
  4. Download Time Zone should be set to the closest time zone available.
  5. Run should remain selected for Run/Pause Schedule.
  6. Finally select Download When Save and select save. This starts the feed retrieval immidiately instead of waiting until the schedule Download Time.

Most feeds begin being proceeded in 24 hours, but it can take a few business days for the first set of products to be approved. After that, new products are reviewed and approved on daily basis.