Microsoft Ads: Create An Account

Creating an account allows you to advertise across the Microsoft Ads network which includes Bing, Yahoo and so much more.

This article walks you through how to setup a Microsoft Ads account.

So let's get started.

Create A Microsoft Account

1. Head over to Microsoft Advertising.

2. Select Sign Up

If you already have a Microsoft Account that you want to associate with your Microsoft Advertising account you enter it here and login.That said, you may want to create a new Microsoft account with the email address associated with your business. This email address can end it your business domain or be a personal account like an

We strongly suggest you have a separate email address, Microsoft account, and Microsoft Ads account for every site you plan to market. This keeps everything organized and easy to scale, support and work with multiple users and or agencies if the need arises.

3. So with that, enter your email

4. Create a password

5. Select Next

6. Provide your first and last name.

7. Select your region and set your birth date.

8. Select Next

Now a email confirmation will be sent to you at the email address you provided. Copy and paste the code from that email here. You may be asked to jump through a captcha hoop. Complete the task and select next.

9. Continue to stay signed in with your Microsoft account by selecting yes. Side note. Everything you have done up to this point is just for the Microsoft account.

10. You may then get yet another verification request via email.

11. You may also be asked if you want to use Microsoft's authenticator app for additional account security, but we will skip that for now.

Finally, we can start the Microsoft Advertising account setup process.

Create A Microsoft Ads Account

Enter all your information below. Make sure to select the country and currency of where your store is located and how you plan pay. Ideally they are all the same.


If you are based in the USA, your store base in the USA and you plan to market to the USA

  • Set the location to United States
  • Select the currency to USD
  • Set your timezone to the operations of your store which should be the same as all your other ad and analytics platforms like Google Ads or Google Analytics.

If everything is not the same, then it is best to align with where your store is located and whom you plan to market to.


If your store is located in Canada and you plan to market to Canada and the United States.

  • Set the location to Canada
  • Select the currency to Canadian Dollars


If you are based in Thailand, but your primary market is the US and for all other purposes your store is for US customers.

  • Set the location to United States
  • Select the currency to USD
  • Set the time zone to be in sync with your other apps.
  • Keep in mind you are going to need to be able to pay in USD for the ads.

We strongly suggest keeping your currencies aligned with your products and spending. In other words, if your products are sold in GBP, we recommend setting your ad spend in GBP. Otherwise, you may have trouble easily calculating Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Finally agree to the terms and select Create Account.

Importing From Google Ads

Depending on the country you selected you may be presented with an option to import Google Ads campaigns or create a new campaign. You're going to select skip to both of these options for now as you can do that later.


Next, you will be asked for your billing information, you can choose to do this now, we suggest selecting skip and add this later when you are ready to start advertising.


Congratulations, your Microsoft Ads account creation is now complete.